Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Exclusively Captivating Holiday at Dar Es Salaam

One of the most desired things for vacations is to get rid from all the regular stuff and do something extraordinary and for that one should go for a fascinating city which can fulfill all the desires and wishes. You need a city where you can live your dreams and have the best time with beloveds while exploring new and adventurous things. All the fun and desire can be fulfilled at the magnificent country of Africa where you can go and live your dreams.

Dar Es Salaam from Tanzania is indeed among the most desired and a magical holiday destination to go for a mesmerizing and nostalgic vacation. The city compiles with everything you desire including beaches, museums, art galleries and much more. Apart from that, the city has an exclusive range of landscapes and landmarks to visit. Have a nice holiday at this wonderful city with Cheap Air Tickets to Dar Es Salaam.

Thing to Know Before Planning Holidays at Dar Es Salaam

Have the most amazing vacations at auspicious city of Dar Es Salaam with beloveds and enjoy the best time while admiring the dazzling sites and adventurous landscapes of the city. Take holiday packages for Dar Es Salaam from Crystal Travel and Tours that offers best deals on cheap flights to Dar Es salaam from London Heathrow, carried by Emirates Airlines Flights to get the best flying experience of all time.

Best Landscapes, Sites and Hotspots of Dar Es Salaam to Visit

Take cheap tickets to Dar Es Salaam from Manchester and enjoy the brilliant sites of the city to gather some memorable time with beloveds. Enjoy here the splendid sites of the city and explore many cultural things about the city during vacations. Here we have a list of some nice places in the city to go and enjoy the vacations at Tanzanian soil.

Mbudya Isle

This island is the most beautiful site of the city located at Off White Sands where you can spend the whole day admiring the beauty of mother nature and relax or can go for snorkeling, swimming, surfing or much more. You will find local peoples visiting here for picnic and enjoying beach volleyball, partying and dancing on the beach. The restaurants here are good for sea food including lobsters, fishes, pork and much more.

Village Museum 

This museum is the perfect place to explore the Tanzanian civilization located at Bagamoyo Road where you can find many reconstructed but look like habitats of mid ages. The 22 reconstructed houses are enough to understand the lifestyle, tradition, culture and way of living of natives. Do not forget to learn about the tales of historical people who are based around these houses are quite informative as well as entertaining.

Kunduchi Wet 'N' Wild Water Park

This is the best water park of the city located at Mtongani where you can go and spend some great adventurous time with beloveds enjoying many adventurous slides and rides as well as water sports. The park is lush with everything including astonishing rides, decent changing room, spectacular cafeteria, enough lockers and much more.


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